Complexity of Managing and Securing Networks

Leverage the full suite, closed loop

In medium to large enterprises, networking is complicated.

As your company grows, the network becomes increasingly more complex, with each campus having a slightly different technology stack –  a vendor for switches, another for NAC, and others for analytics. Until now, managing these solutions was tedious and time-consuming, with potential points of failure increasing network vulnerability. 

WiteSand has pioneered the “define once, deploy anywhere” model, facilitating worldwide enterprise expansion from a single location by leveraging the power of network templates and advanced automation. This future-proof OpEx network solution features on-the-fly scalability and consumption-based billing, with timely access to new technologies that can be launched from a single dashboard. 

By shifting the deployment, management, and operation of your network to the cloud, your enterprise will benefit from lower IT staff fatigue, less network downtime, and a reduction in the financial impact of physical asset depreciation.

Are you ready for a truly seamless network?