Why Is WiteSand So Unique?

Sean Stanton, VP of Sales at WiteSand

Why Is WiteSand So Unique?

The WiteSand story is really all about timing. There are shifts in every market and when those shifts happen, markets are disrupted. This has happened in the hospitality industry, the transportation industry, and is now happening in the networking industry. Innovation comes from the entrepreneur rebuking the status quo and designing efficiency through consolidation of disparate systems.

Whether it was organic growth, an acquisition, or different lineages of IT leadership, customers shared that they were struggling with differing technology stacks in their networks. No matter how good the technology stack is at HQ, it might not be the same at their remote locations or in another country. This presents not only a massive challenge due to the software tools needed for each vendor, but also due to the IT staff engineer’s skill set. Do they have a deep understanding of every vendor’s configuration nuances?

In terms of WiFi, you see the same complexities…vendor “A” at HQ, but vendor “B” or “C” at the remote sites. You are now managing two or three consoles for employee connectivity, guest access, BYOD, and IoT.  But the WiFi challenge extends beyond just having two or three different vendors installed – it also ties to the switching infrastructure. Many WiFi vendors do not even support the entire portfolio of switches made by their same company.  On top of this, most of these architectures were built in the pre-microservices era, thus limiting their scale and speed of innovation.

We were now confident that we solved the multi-vendor problem for switching and WiFi, but we kept being pulled by NAC, and this is key.   


Integrating intent-based NAC is what makes WiteSand so unique.

We live in a world where organizations are pushing everything they can to the cloud. Customers shared that they wanted to SaaS-ify everything possible, especially their NAC functionality. We saw this as an obvious starting point to bring the entire WiteSand solution together.

As a network manager, not only do you need to provision and monitor your network switches and WiFi, but also you need to know what is connected to the network and whether they have been properly segmented.

WiteSand is unique because we start with NAC: identity-based network access control via the cloud. We’re eliminating the weighed-down, complex NAC appliances that are installed regionally for your network, often in dual HA configurations.

WiteSand now has the ability to fingerprint every user, every guest, every device that authenticates to the network. We know who you are, what device you are using, and where in the campus you are connected. We can then provision you appropriately based on the corporate policies that you determine most important.    

This then flows to our provisioning and monitoring capabilities. We know who you are, where you are, we have you provisioned, and now we can monitor for all of those anomalies that can happen. 

This rich, contextualized data set is then fed through our analytics engine and our Network Time Machine, allowing IT operators to quickly identify the issues – what happened, when it happened, and who was affected….all within the same WiteSand cloud.  


The power of WiteSand is our zero-trust, closed-loop design.  

Manage your worldwide corporate network with a single cloud-based portal from your office or at home – or, as our CEO Praveen Jain intended, from a white sandy beach (hence our name…WiteSand).

WiteSand is unique in the market not only due to our ability to eliminate so many various tools in the network, thus driving operational savings. But WiteSand is unique because there is no one vendor in the industry today that can bring all of this functionality together in one application – an application that is SaaS based, that is multi-vendor, that can include NAC, provisioning, monitoring, analytics, or the Network Time Machine.

WiteSand is here to offer customers options that they’ve never had before.

WiteSand is unique.

Please connect with us at witesand.io to see how our closed-loop, zero-trust SaaS-based solution can help you with consistent policy application across your worldwide locations, without requiring a forklift.

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