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WiteSand Partners with InterVision

WiteSand Partners with InterVision to Enhance Enterprise Campus Networking

Partnership Delivers Cloud Innovation and Enterprise Campus Network Expertise to InterVision Customers

San Jose – August 24, 2021 – WiteSand, the company delivering Enterprise Networking-as-a-Utility, today announced a reseller partnership with InterVision, a leading IT strategic service provider. WiteSand’s cloud-delivered suite of services, designed to simplify and secure the provisioning, deployment, and operations of enterprise campus networks will work with InterVision’s core competency in helping its customers better leverage networking in the cloud.

InterVision provides customers with the expertise and information necessary to weigh networking options and how they impact users, costs, timelines, supportability, and security. The company has designed and implemented more than 1,500 networks that meet regulatory and compliance requirements, protect against threats, reduce time and cost associated with network management, and deliver improved application services availability.

For InterVision customers, WiteSand is providing the first cloud-native, multi-tenant solution that provides asset discovery, NAC, wired and wireless provisioning, monitoring, and flow analytics. The integrated offering spans global networks reaching campuses, remote offices, factories, logistics centers, retail sites, and more. With WiteSand, all of the functionality that was previously contained within other tools is now available in a single cloud-based interface. And InterVision customers will have access to WiteSand’s Network Time Machine, a feature that leverages AI/ML to reveal the complete history of events and changes in the network at any point in time.

Within InterVision’s customer base, many organizations are looking for operational efficiencies by adding cloud analytics and AI to their campus environments and particularly infrastructure, yet they are often faced with a costly forklift upgrade in every building. WiteSand’s unique approach collects signals from existing multi-vendor network hardware and provides uniform visibility and consistent, security policies from a single cloud portal.

“InterVision is focused on providing best-in-class networking solutions to our customers,” said Tom Holt, Vice President, Sales West Region of InterVision. “The beauty of WiteSand is there’s nothing to install on-premise and our customers can procure any or all services. Its innovative solution brings everything together in one portal, in the cloud, and enables our customers to easily add AI and cloud analytics to their campus infrastructure regardless of the hardware they’re using.”

“WiteSand is thrilled to partner with InterVision, an organization known and respected industry-wide for the expertise it provides to customers when it comes to managing networks and IT infrastructure,” said Sean Stanton, Vice President, Sales of WiteSand. “This partnership contributes to our ongoing growth and momentum, and will help us reach and solve networking pain points for more enterprises. We look forward to bringing the agility of the cloud and benefits of AI/ML to InterVision customers with a SaaS solution fit for their needs.”

WiteSand is working with partners to deliver to end customers a suite of tools that are platform-agnostic, work in any environment, and aren’t tied to any single vendor. Learn more about WiteSand’s partnership program by visiting:

About WiteSand

Founded in 2019, WiteSand delivers Enterprise Networking-as-a-Utility, consolidating siloed on-prem networking tools into a unified cloud-delivered service. Enterprise network managers gain an integrated portal in the cloud leveraging the latest advances in AI/ML to provision, monitor, analyze, and secure access to their global networks. Plug and play control over any switch and access point from any vendor. Enforce secure access for employees, guests, and IoT devices. Anywhere.

With WiteSand templates, the ideal campus configuration and policies can be defined once and deployed in greenfield and brownfield environments with the click of an icon. WiteSand’s Network Time Machine provides a comprehensive forensic snapshot of network history and any changes at any point in time.

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About InterVision

InterVision’s mission is to unlock value by delivering innovative technology through a consultative approach. As a strategic service provider, the company delivers innovation through a broad portfolio of IT managed services, on-premises solutions, professional services, cloud solutions, automation and consulting services that organizations need to thrive in today’s dynamic IT market. InterVision’s vendor-certified sales and engineering staff have specialized expertise in all areas critical to IT environments. The company has regional headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif. and St. Louis, Mo., as well as offices and data centers in the Central and Western U.S. For more information on InterVision’s offerings, visit

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