Day 2 Network Operations: Nine ways to reduce fatigue

Pavan Basetty, Cloud Analytics Architect at WiteSand

Due to a global workforce, IT teams are challenged to manage complex enterprise networks across many geographical locations. The use of traditional tools and strategies is no longer sufficient to maintain the security and resilience of such networks. In day-to-day operations, teams rarely change the network configuration, but troubleshooting and operation of the network infrastructure is what causes the most headaches.

Even though AIOps improve operational experience, here are some ways to prevent problems in the first place. 

Avoiding Manual Configurations

Let’s take the example of a VLAN mismatch between an access point and a switch access port. Why don’t networks detect when APs are connected and VLANs are automatically configured on both ends? Since this is common knowledge, it should be easy to automate.

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