Security Concerns as Employees Return to Work

Security concerns shouldn’t prevent you from leveraging the power of a global workforce. Connect employees worldwide with a single SaaS-based NAC & experience enhanced network safety

The Witesand NAC solution creates enhanced network safety

In 2020, companies around the world responded to the global pandemic in ways to safeguard employee health and minimize business risk.

As the end of the pandemic approaches and companies make plans to bring employees back to the office, those same IT teams confront another challenge: Thousands of devices that have lived in the wild for the last year, potentially exposed to malware.

We all learned the power of isolating at home through the pandemic to stop the spread. Zero Trust in the enterprise can create enhanced network safety with the right strategy of segmentation and isolation so that malware cannot propagate laterally in your shared office environment.

To alleviate security concerns as employees return to work, replace on-prem legacy NAC hardware with the WiteSand Intent-Based Cloud NAC. Managed from the Cloud, nothing to install on-prem. Fingerprint every device. Know who is on the network, what device they are using, and where they are connected while keeping them segmented and isolated from one another.

Are you ready for employees and devices to return to the campus?