Flow Analytics

Data analysis can provide valuable insight into network performance.

But it’s about scale.

It’s the large-scale correlation of this data that enables network managers to deploy effective solutions – regardless of size or complexity. By aggregating and distilling raw data, AI automation can leverage this information to assess network health and detect threshold violations in real-time.

The WiteSand Advantage

WiteSand’s AIOps-powered network analytics can help users understand and anticipate security incidents, and because it’s not constrained by hardware infrastructure limitations, it can correlate violations, provide SLA alerts, and deliver root cause analysis – all from the cloud.

A Visual Representation

End-to-end visualization in the form of customizable graphs, dashboards, and tabular reports can help pinpoint and remediate root cause with actionable insights.

Meaningful Insights…Ahead of the Competition

Because the aggregation of data happens in real time and the burden of correlating information from disparate sources has been alleviated, enterprises can be more nimble and responsive.

Shared Context of Operational Components

Prior to AIOps, various operational components were assessed separately, in their own silos. Now, data aggregated from disparate sources can be processed and correlated simultaneously for faster, concurrent analysis.

90% Reduction

in custom scripting

50% Reduction

in Day to Day Operations

100% Reduction

in on-prem appliances

Ready for the insights you need?