Why Partner with WiteSand?

We believe in disrupting the status quo.

Customers deserve tools that are platform-agnostic, that will work in any environment without tying them to one supplier. Customers want freedom. They want flexibility.

Become a WiteSand MSP Partner

The demand for remote monitoring and managed services has never been greater than it is today. Cloud adoption and hybrid work have become the norm as businesses adapt to the global pandemic softening.

Managing multi-vendor environments is a challenge for MSPs due to disorganized systems, network downtime, and the inevitable difficulty of integrating those various products. Businesses are looking for a knowledgeable, reliable partner that can consistently deliver services and support.

By leveraging the WiteSand template-based, closed-loop solution, MSPs can offer customers one or all of the following services: managed NAC, managed provisioning of switches and WiFi, monitoring services, hosted network flow analytics. MSPs can even enhance their own NOC services to become more cloud-enabled.

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