A single portal in the cloud to provision, monitor, analyze, and secure access to your global enterprise network.

Your network. Without the work.

This Is the WiteSand Story.

Cloudify the wired and wireless networks in your offices, campuses, retail, clinics, manufacturing, or any other site.


Plug & Play Wired and Wireless Networking

WiteSand’s SaaS delivers plug and play enterprise networking – wired and wireless – while automatically administering consistent policies worldwide using the power of AI/ML.

  • A single dashboard and APIs for discovering, provisioning, and monitoring of multi-vendor switches and access points
  • Plug and play existing, new, or replaced hardware with zero touch operation
  • Define once and use anywhere templates to enforce consistent policies across all locations 
  • AI/ML enabled analytics, health, and root cause analysis
  • Self-manage or subscribe to fully-managed services including hardware, installation, and operation


Zero Trust Network Access Control

WiteSand’s unique cloud-delivered intent-based NAC, with no on-prem footprint, provides easy workflows to implement zero trust access control in the network.  It is combined with the provisioning of switches and access points to achieve what is impractical with a solitary NAC solution.

  • Secure access to corporate wired and wireless networks
  • Secure authentication, authorization, and accounting for access of network devices and firewalls
  • Implement segmentation, isolation, and access policies for employees, BYOD, guests, and headless IoT
  • Gain 360° visibility of the network, all activity, and the health of all endpoints

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Watch Our Launch Event

You can now watch the entire WiteSand launch event here live.


Security Engineer

San Jose & Bengaluru

We are looking for security engineers with strong hands-on experience in defining and automating Firewall, OWASP, and continuous security rules in build and runtime pipeline.

WiteSand’s four modular SKUs allow you to choose any combination of the features your business needs. Choose the complete WiteSand closed-loop solution for the simplicity of plug and play, as well as peace of mind with zero trust network access.

Network managers can now go back and forth in history with the industry’s first Network Time Machine, providing deep insights into logs, events, and changes from every corner of the entire network infrastructure. The power of AI/ML working diligently on the dataset delivers unprecedented visibility and automated root cause analysis. 

WiteSand has also partnered with global MSPs that offer fully managed services with installation, setup, and subscription hardware from the vendor of your choice. If you choose to convert your wired and wireless networking environment to a flat monthly fee, we have that option, too.

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