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Launching on June 28, 2021

The Team.

Experienced veterans & a track record of success

Praveen Jain

Founder & CEO

Praveen Jain is a serial entrepreneur and brings nearly 30 years of leadership experience across technology infrastructure to WiteSand. Praveen previously served as an SVP at Cisco and was on the founding team of Andiamo and Nuova, and was a founder of Insieme Networks; all of them were successfully acquired. As an industry expert on data centers, cloud, and networking infrastructure, he has a track record of innovation, flawless execution, and is excited to share the next disruption with customers.

Madhava Cheethirala

Founder & VP of Platform Software

Madhava bootstrapped flagship products like Andiamo’s MDS / Nexus-7K and Insieme Network’s Nexus-9K. He has well-rounded experience in leading small as well as large teams, across several start-ups and larger organizations. Madhav strongly believes in the power of teamwork and thrives to solve complex problems with simpler solutions.

Raja Tadimeti

Founder & Chief Scientist

Raja is passionate about theoretical computer science, mathematical modeling, and statistical analysis. He strives for flexible software architecture, right abstractions, and extensible interfaces. Raja strongly believes in knowledge sharing and actively mentors budding technologists.

Sean Stanton

Sean Stanton

Vice President, Sales

Sean Stanton brings nearly 30 years of exceptional sales and business development performance to WiteSand. Prior to WiteSand, Sean was a leader at Juniper Networks where he served as the Regional Sales Director responsible for Northern California, growing that Enterprise Business to $100M. Sean has a keen skill in identifying disruptive technologies and then building successful go to market models for Reseller Channels, Integrators, Distributors, MSPs and MSSPs for explosive growth.

Brady O. Bruce

Vice President, Marketing

Brady O. Bruce is a marketing and alliances leader with more than 3 decades of success driving companies through startup and rapid scale. Recognized for excellence in branding, demand gen, product marketing, and PR, he is a sought-after public speaker and interview. Brady has been a lead in 5 acquisitions, 1 IPO, and over $180M in venture capital raised, driving more than $1B in attributable revenue through on-target, efficient marketing. Recent posts included CMO at Tempo Automation, InFocus, and Jupiter Systems. Deep operational experience in Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

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Closed Loop Enterprise Networking, The Time Is Now!

In enterprise networking, with so many interacting product silos, the goal is to create a self healing or self defending network. In other words, a network which automatically achieves equilibrium by taking feedback from what’s wrong, adapts to improve, and feeds it back to input. This is what is meant by the term Closed Loop.

Zero Trust: 3 Tests for your Enterprise Network

Zero Trust from a network security standpoint means there is no implicit trust given to any user or device. Each user or device—local or remote, wired or wireless—needs to be authenticated and authorized before granting access. As a part of a defense-in-depth strategy, a series of security tools are deployed at various layers.

What if you had a network time machine!

A well-used trope in sci-fi is the time machine which can take its user backward and forward in time. The work of an enterprise network and security operator can be very intense, with the constant pressure to root cause an issue while simultaneously taking text messages and emails from executives and other users complaining about system problems.

The Network Time Machine

The Enterprise Networking Complexity Calculator

We think of the enterprise as campus, branch, office, factory, retail site, distribution center, etc. The reality is that wired and wireless connectivity and security from these enterprise locations are tedious to deploy and maintain. When the network-as-a-service (NaaS) term was first introduced, it was a big relief that enterprise networking could be consumed much like the public cloud today.

The New IT Challenge: A Hybrid Workforce as Employees Return to the Office

While some offices are looking to return to an on-site workforce, others are abandoning their physical locations entirely. But after working from home for more than a year, it’s logical to assume employees will need to ease back into an office environment or be given the option to…

IT Networking Challenges of Returning Employees


VP of Product
Management (San Jose)

We are looking for VP of Product Management with strong experience in security and networking domain. Prior experience in related startups is…

Senior Angular Front-End Developer (San Jose & Bengaluru)

We are looking for senior front-end developers with at least 5 years of experience in designing and developing web based…

Quality Assurance Engineer (San Jose & Bengaluru)

We’re looking for quality assurance engineers with at least 5 years of experience to work with our software development team to develop…

Customer Support Representative (San Jose & Bengaluru)

We are looking for customer support representatives with at least 5 years of experience in assisting customers of a SaaS enterprise networking solution…

Senior Software Engineer (San Jose & Bengaluru)

We are looking for senior software engineers with at least 10 years’ of experience in designing and developing distributed…

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