Network Monitoring

WiteSand network monitoring give you the ability to keep your finger on the pulse of your network in real time.

But there are hurdles.

The disparate hardware and poorly integrated software that’s a result of legacy products and acquisitions present a hurdle to obtaining accurate, actionable network data. Whether it’s a result of poor data granularity or the time it takes to manually correlate information from multiple sources, the process is cumbersome at best, and prone to errors at its worst.

The WiteSand Advantage

In order to effectively glean useful information from your network monitoring practice, it’s important to establish baseline performance guidelines, but it can’t be done without 360-degree visibility into your network. WiteSand’s monitoring solution enables users to drill down into NAC, NetFlow, and other network data to gain complete visibility of any location, any device, or any user in real time, with AI insights that find and fix issues before business is impacted.

Reduced Downtime, Planned and Unplanned

Time is money, and time spent without a fully functional network is opportunity lost. The ability to manage network health and productivity remotely – from the edge of the cloud – minimizes downtime due to maintenance, upgrades, and outages.

Proactive Resolution of Network Issues

Advanced monitoring facilitates the proactive mitigation of performance-affecting issues so that a temporary slowdown doesn’t result in a companywide crash. It can also help identify problem devices before they impact other network operations.

The Network Time Machine

Through the analysis of data obtained from effective network monitoring, IT managers are better equipped to anticipate bottlenecks and manage traffic flow – and to ensure their network is optimally configured and future-proof.

90% Reduction

in custom scripting

50% Reduction

in Day to Day Operations

100% Reduction

in on-prem appliances

Ready for 360° visibility?