Heterogeneous Hardware

Heterogenous hardware is no match for WiteSand’s vendor-agnostic approach to switch and WiFi provisioning and monitoring.

Organizations have a difficult time maintaining business agility with antiquated heterogenous hardware platforms.

It is not realistic to perform global forklifts every 3 or 4 years to keep pace with technology advancements. Every campus is unique, with infrastructure components that often don’t play well with others. This can be tied to many different generations of a single vendor’s wired and wireless portfolio, or due to a multi-vendor environment.

Enterprises already have the challenge of blending legacy equipment with newer cloud-based solutions. WiteSand brings calm to the chaos by managing, provisioning, monitoring, and controlling your network with a single API – all managed from the cloud – in brownfield or greenfield environments. 

Once installed, enterprises can templatize every campus in WiteSand, making it easy to manage common user situations without spending significant time on custom solutions. New locations and their infrastructure can be added to the network in just a few clicks.

Are you ready to cloud-enable your existing network without a forklift?