WiteSand Network Infrastructure Solutions

Network infrastructure moves to SaaS with WiteSand’s cloud-delivered suite of services, designed to simplify the provisioning, deployment, and operation of your network.

For the first time ever,

heterogeneous hardware and disparate silos of on-premise networking tools can be seamlessly integrated with an unprecedented level of oversight – in a single SaaS subscription-based platform.

Network Access Control. Wired & Wireless Provisioning. Monitoring. Flow Analytics. The best part about our cloud-based solutions is that you can use only the tools that make sense for your organization. Whether you need one tool or all four, we have the flexibility to support your current reality and budget. Here are the tools that make up the WiteSand suite.

Are you ready for a truly unified cloud enterprise?

Network Access Control

The key to unified endpoint security.

Wired & Wireless Provisioning

Design once, deploy anywhere.


Total network control with 360° visibility.

Flow Analytics

Leverage the power of AI to conquer data-driven challenges.

With WiteSand, no tool remains on-premise except physical switches and access points. WiteSand can reduce complexity and improve operational efficiency by removing the network infrastructure from your offices and moving them into our integrated cloud.

  • Switch Provisioning – WiteSand can provision any switch you have, regardless of vendor. This is far easier than using CLI commands, homegrown Ansible scripts, or any vendor-specific management tools you may be using today.
  • WiFi Provisioning – WiteSand can provision your individual APs, virtual controller, physical controller, or cloud-based controller.
  • Network Monitoring Tools – With WiteSand, you will no longer need to use separate tools for switches and access points .
  • Syslog/Events – WiteSand collects all syslogs/events with the ability to intelligently analyze them, with the option of sending them to systems like Splunk.
  • Netflow/sFlow – WiteSand supports NetFlow/sFlow/JFlow for flow visibility and troubleshooting.

Here’s the Big News:

Depending on your environment, the WiteSand cloud may replace three to five tools in your network infrastructure.

According to Feb 2021 Web Conference – Future of Enterprise Networking:

The Emergence of the New Normal*


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that security is one of the top 3 network challenges with having employees work from home.


integrated networking and security management

*conducted by IDC