Subscription-Based Hardware Solutions

Subscription-based hardware solutions from WiteSand are customized to move your enterprise from an expensive CapEx to a sensible OpEx consumption model.

Enterprises have already embraced a subscription model for software.

Reliance on subscriptions for business applications like email, chat, and video conferencing is commonplace. Enterprises are now looking at other areas to “SaaSify.”

The next step is looking at subscriptions for your networking hardware, moving from expensive CapEx to sensible OpEx.

WiteSand Subscription-Based Hardware Solutions

WiteSand offers one-year, three-year, and five-year SaaS subscriptions to any or all features, bringing together NAC, unified wired and wireless provisioning, and network analytics in the cloud, with full support for multi-vendor environments.

Align Your Hardware and Software Subscriptions

This subscription model offers companies the ability to manage downturns in the business as well as upticks and rapid growth. The result? Infrastructure that keeps pace with innovation, without the limitations of long-term depreciation cycles.

WiteSand aligns our SaaS subscription with your hardware subscription, through your preferred vendor, for a truly vendor-agnostic platform.

Are you ready for NaaS to work for you?