The WiteSand Team

WiteSand boasts experienced leadership, backed by corporate and other Silicon Valley investors. The company founders are industry veterans with a track record of rock-solid execution and a string of stellar exits.

Praveen Jain

Founder & CEO

Praveen Jain brings nearly 30 years of leadership experience across technology infrastructure to WiteSand. Praveen previously served as an SVP at Cisco, and was an early member of Andiamo, VP of Engineering at Nuova, and founder of Insieme Networks, which were successfully acquired. As an industry expert on data centers, cloud, and networking infrastructure, he has a track record of innovation, flawless execution, and technical prowess, and is excited to share the next disruption with customers.

Madhava Cheethirala

Founder & VP of Engineering

Madhava Cheethirala bootstrapped flagship products like Andiamo’s MDS/Nexus-7K and Insieme Network’s Nexus-9K. He has well-rounded experience in leading small as well as large teams, across several start-ups and larger organizations. Madhava strongly believes in the power of teamwork and thrives to solve complex problems with simpler solutions.

Raja Tadimeti

Founder & Chief Scientist

Raja Tadimeti is passionate about theoretical computer science, mathematical modeling, and statistical analysis. He strives for flexible software architecture, right abstractions, and extensible interfaces. Raja strongly believes in knowledge sharing and actively mentors budding technologists.

Sean Stanton

Vice President, Sales

Sean Stanton brings nearly 30 years of exceptional sales and business development performance to WiteSand. Prior to WiteSand, Sean was a leader at Juniper Networks, where he served as the regional sales director responsible for Northern California, growing that enterprise business to $100M. Sean has a keen skill in identifying disruptive technologies and then building successful go-to-market models for reseller channels, integrators, distributors, MSPs and MSSPs for explosive growth.

Brady O. Bruce

Vice President, Marketing

Brady O. Bruce is a marketing and alliances leader with more than three decades of success driving companies through start-up and rapid scale. Recognized for excellence in branding, demand generation, product marketing, and PR, he is highly sought after for public speaking engagements and interviews. Brady has been a lead in five acquisitions, one IPO, and over $180M in venture capital raised, driving more than $1B in attributable revenue through on-target, efficient marketing. Recent posts included CMO at Tempo Automation, InFocus, and Jupiter Systems. Brady has deep operational experience in Europe, China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Praful Lalchandani

Vice President, Product Management

Praful Lalchandani is a product management leader with 20+ years of experience in networking technologies. In his previous role at Juniper Networks, Praful led product and general management for a $500M+ data center platforms business and played a lead role in the acquisition of Apstra for intent-driven networking. Praful brings his experience in bootstrapping several $100M+ products and solutions to WiteSand to reimagine campus networking for customers.