Network Access Control

Intent-based, cutting-edge cloud NAC provides seamless identity-based access through a single interface for better management and visibility.

The WiteSand Advantage

The challenge of managing individual silos of tools and heterogeneous hardware across multiple campuses creates network complexity as hybrid work environments exploit network vulnerability.

WiteSand takes cutting-edge NAC to the cloud for seamless network identity-based access through a single interface. The result? Better management, control, and visibility without the manual configuration of every on-premise switch and port.

Full Visibility and Endpoint Fingerprinting

Enable the discovery, classification, and monitoring of connected devices, including IoT devices such as network printers, smart card readers, or IP-enabled door locks to mitigate security threats.

Cloud based NAC Dashboard

Zero Trust

Exercise complete control over pre-admission and post-admission user access to sensitive data with default deny and explicit allow policies.

Single, Centralized NAC Dashboard

Consolidate network functions in single intuitive interface that uses the power of simplicity to provision your existing hardware, even across geographically dispersed locations.

The enterprise office environment includes employees, contractors, guests, and connected IoT devices. Zero trust is an essential part of a comprehensive network security strategy. Many vendors offer NAC, but their solutions are limited by these shortcomings:

  • Need to physically install boxes at multiple locations
  • Complicated workflows to deploy and maintain, often requiring a consulting practice
  • Inability to control all aspects of segmentation

To provide a better solution, WiteSand integrated NAC with provisioning.

NAC authenticates users and devices and eventually directs the network switches to enforce the policies. An independent NAC tool may duplicate the work of discovering, maintaining inventory, attracting network flows, and SNMP scanning, while still being limited in what it can enforce in switches. With legacy systems, implementing NAC requires extensive preconfiguration of switches, as well.

WiteSand’s unique cloud-delivered, intent-based NAC provides easy workflows to manage worldwide locations. Combined with the provisioning of switches and access points, it achieves what is impractical with a solitary NAC solution.

With the return of employees to the office, WiteSand customers are implementing our unique approach to tighten network segmentation, and our modular approach gives customers the option to consume NAC independently.

90% Reduction

in custom scripting

50% Reduction

in Day to Day Operations

100% Reduction

in on-prem appliances

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