Complex On-Premise NAC

Eliminate complex on-premise NAC by connecting employees worldwide with a single SaaS-based NAC.

Organizations were promised that automation would make IT run faster and require less management

but cloud, mobile, and IoT technologies have created extra layers of complexity and new security vulnerabilities. 

Until now, enterprises have had only one option: complex, cumbersome premise-based network access control appliances, often replicated around the world at different office locations.

In a world moving to the cloud, customers now have a choice. WiteSand brings calm to the chaos by templatizing your ideal identity-based network access policy and automatically supports your global user community. 

Replace on-prem legacy NAC hardware with the WiteSand intent-based NAC – managed from the cloud, nothing to install on prem. Fingerprint every device. Know who is on the network, what device they are using, and where they are connected.  

Are you ready to simplify your network?