Enterprise Networking Simplicity with a Subscription

Brady O. Bruce, VP of Marketing at WiteSand

How many different types of hardware platforms and system tools do you use to manage your network infrastructure today?

If you’re like most IT or network managers, I bet your answer is “too many.”

We heard you. We were you. And we decided to do something about it.

Last week, we revealed what we’ve been developing in stealth since 2019.

Enterprise networking now has a new model, Cloud for Campus with WiteSand.

When we started building WiteSand, we aimed to solve two problems with the complexity of enterprise campus networks. First, how to consolidate such a wide array of miscellaneous tools being used and, second, how to turn the whole thing into a subscription. What we couldn’t have envisioned back then was that one pandemic later this level of simplification would become so critical to business itself.

In medium to large enterprises, employee mobility and looming hybrid work environments are causing tremendous stress and fatigue for IT and network managers. On top of that, each campus has a slightly different technology stack. A vendor for switches, another for network access control (NAC), another for Wireless LAN, and still others for network analytics.

Managing those solutions today tends to be on-premise, tedious and time consuming, not to mention hard to troubleshoot due to numerous potential points of failure. Each component manages aspects of the network, but none have the complete picture.

There’s a simpler, better solution.

WiteSand brings operational simplicity by offering the first cloud-native, multi-tenant solution that combines asset discovery, NAC, wired and wireless provisioning, monitoring, and flow analytics. The integrated offering can span global networks reaching campuses, remote offices, factories, logistics centers, retail sites, and much more. With WiteSand, all of the functionality that was previously contained within other tools is now available in a single cloud-based interface, and only the physical switches and access points remain on-premise.

Because WiteSand is vendor agnostic, it is ideal for multi-vendor environments, and its flexible pricing model enables customers to use any or all components to meet their exact needs.

Once subscribed, you can templatize your ideal campus configuration and policies in WiteSand one time, and deploy it in any other site with the click of the icon.

Did we mention we have a Network Time Machine?

Our Network Time Machine is another industry first, and gives you sci-fi-like visibility into your network. The feature is designed to reveal the complete history of events and changes in the network at any point in time, enabling you to drill down and examine anything that happened. We achieved this by pairing the boundless power of the cloud with global visibility, correlation, analytics, and recent advances in AI/ML.

WiteSand delivers all of this simplification to you via an easy to consume subscription model.

The time to take back control of your network is now. This is WiteSand. This is your network, without the work.

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